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November 2015

German Design Award 2016

The Swiss company Sky-Frame is today the leading international supplier of frameless sliding window systems and – thanks to its profound technical, architectural and spatial design expertise – is the partner of choice for numerous architects.

The consolidation of activities at the new development and production site in Frauenfeld, Switzerland, and the global expansion of business have prompted a review and consequent refashioning of the brand.

NEW ID has supported this process since 2013 by developing a contemporary corporate design concept and overseeing its application in communications (corporate communication, advertising, e-communication, merchandising) and signage. Sky-Frame sliding windows offer a flowing transition between indoors and outdoors to deliver a truly unbounded spatial experience. This is conveyed by the key elements of the new corporate design concept. The "angle" graphic element, the font combination, the glass-like gradient colours and a high-quality, target-group-specific pictorial world emotionalize the "invisible" product and provide a consistent, authentic brand experience.

Overall responsibility:
Sky-Frame AG / Beat Guhl, CEO

Andrea Zürcher, Head Marketing; Karin Kelly; Olivia Valier

Iwan Baan, Tom Bisig, Vera Bohm, Ari Burling, Cornbread Works, Peter Cuypers, Nick Fry, Brigida Gonzalez, Theo Gosselin, Erika Grendelova, Bruno Helbling, Hans Kreye, Tamara Lichtenstein, Claudia Luperto, Mel Yates, Daniel Ward, Floto Warner, Marc Winkel

Concept & Design:
NEW ID, Basel; Helen Bartenschlager Project Manager/Graphic Designer; Ramon Classen, Graphic Designer; Damian Hess, Graphic Designer, Barbara Mayer, Typographic Designer/Polygraph; Peter Mikolas, Graphic Designer; Hélène Schnaitmann; Graphic Designer; Robert Wesseler, Associate/Senior Graphic Designer

Web implementation:
Jung von Matt, Zurich