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Pavilion 5, RUS

  • Sky-Frame supplies aesthetic solutions for the most discerning design and architectural tastes.
  • We specialise in large window panels.
  • Sliding glass doors, made in Switzerland by Sky-Frame.
  • Enjoy unlimited views with the Sky-Frame sliding door system.
  • A clear advantage: unlimited views.
  • Our frameless glass units feature mullions with a width of just 20┬ámm.
  • Sky-Frame sliding windows for your home.
  • Enjoy rooms flooded with light thanks to Sky-Frame.
  • The perfect home is a place of relaxation and personal fulfilment.
  • Sky-Frame sliding window systems can be individually combined to bring a home environment to life.

Sergey Nasedkin (ARCH.625), Russia

Alexey Naroditskiy, Russia