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Incurvo, UK

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Incurvo is all about movement; a dynamic sensuous form which beckons the visitor around its sweeping curves.

Incurvo is all about movement; a dynamic sensuous form which beckons the visitor around its sweeping curves.

The house is a viscous form petrified, an English butte which grows out of the organic folds of its setting. The strong sense of movement is expressed in the sinuous brick carapace. The local brick has a luminous earthy orange hue, seemingly still bright from the heat of the kiln; this house exploits both the extraordinary plasticity of the humble brick, and its rough, tough sense of rootedness.

Inside too is all about curves and movement; the lofty entrance hall draws the visitor in and then left, right, and up as the space diverges in all directions. The end destinations are the foci of the majestic curved windows which offer panoramic views of the garden, water, trees and rolling Chilterns landscape beyond.

With respect to sustainability, Incurvo is as close to a Passivhaus as a curvy house can be: it meets the most stringent benchmarks for insulation, thermal bridging, airtightness and thermal comfort. It has three separate renewable energy systems. It has been designed as a Lifetime Home, and built in materials which will age gracefully with no need for maintenance.

Incurvo is designed to last for many lifetimes with the lightest of touches on the planet, and to lift the spirit for just as long.

Text: www.adrianjames.com/project/incurvo/


Adrian James Architects, Great Britain

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