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Haus unter dem Birnbaum, CH

  • Enjoy unlimited views with the Sky-Frame sliding door system.
  • Frameless sliding windows.
  • We keep abreast of the latest technological developments to ensure our sliding window system remains at the cutting edge.
  • From windows to organically curved and inclined glass units, the Sky-Frame Classic, Arc and Slope systems are the perfect addition to any home environment.
  • Sky-Frame sliding doors meet the highest standards in terms of design and quality.
  • Designed and manufactured in Switzerland, the frameless sliding windows are the key to exceptional architectural creations.
  • Living outdoors indoors.
  • Living with Sky-Frame means living in your own dream home.
  • The most beautiful windows are the ones you do not see.
  • Our elegant windows are the perfect combination of design and technology.
  • A view, not a window.
  • Frameless windows open up a living space and allow you to live outdoors indoors.
  • Sliding windows from floor to ceiling.
  • Sky-Frame technology is 100% Swiss-made. It is synonymous with precision engineering and the quest for supreme product performance.
  • A clear advantage: unlimited views.
  • Sky-Frame – from floor to ceiling.
  • The seamless fusion of interior and exterior turns the outside world into a stunning feature of the home environment.
  • Our frameless glass units feature mullions with a width of just 20 mm.
  • We make your dream home a reality.
  • Slim mullions provide the perfect frame for the most fascinating of all pictures – the view.
  • Our product range includes a number of glazing options. Whether single, double or triple glazing, we help you choose the right option to suit your requirements.
  • We specialise in large window panels.
  • Design and technology combined – Sky-Frame.
  • The enduring charm of the frameless window concept transforms the view into a wonderful design feature.

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Bruno Helbling