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Frog Castle, UK

  • Sky-Frame sliding doors meet the highest standards in terms of design and quality.
  • Sky-Frame sliding window systems can be individually combined to bring a home environment to life.
  • The seamless fusion of interior and exterior turns the outside world into a stunning feature of the home environment.
  • Spectacular views: making TV obsolete. Brought to you by Sky-Frame sliding windows.
  • We offer tailored solutions for clients with particular security requirements.
  • Our frameless glass units feature mullions with a width of just 20 mm.
  • From floor to ceiling – Sky-Frame sliding windows.
  • Sky-Frame floods rooms with light.
  • Enjoy nature all year round with Sky-Frame.
  • The enduring charm of the frameless window concept transforms the view into a wonderful design feature.
  • Sliding windows from floor to ceiling.
  • We specialise in frameless sliding windows.

Daniel and Donald Architecture

Daniel Hopkinson Architectural Photography