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Finances and IT

    • photo Marcel Kuhn

      Marcel Kuhn

      CFO/CIO (Executive Board)

    • photo Manuela Moser

      Manuela Moser

      Specialist Finance and Accounting

    • photo Nicole Hirsbrunner

      Nicole Hirsbrunner

      Financial Accounting

    • photo Andreas Maier

      Andreas Maier

      System & Project Manager ERP NAV

    • photo Claus Richter

      Claus Richter

      System & Project Manager ERP NAV

    • photo RenĂ© Habrik

      René Habrik

      Head of IT & Infrastructure

    • photo Ivan Pitta

      Ivan Pitta

      Junior ICT Supporter

    • photo Dennis Lupo

      Dennis Lupo

      Mediamatics Trainee

    • photo Ariana Delijaj

      Ariana Delijaj


    • photo Artur Delijaj

      Artur Delijaj


    • photo Myrvete Shkreli

      Myrvete Shkreli